Working as a helpful companion to your Onedox account, Amelia gives you access to an expert team of personal advisors for your household bills. 

While Onedox is a free service that helps you with household bill management, Amelia provides that human touch on top: making sure you don't miss upcoming contract renewals, explaining unusual charges on your bills, warning about upcoming price hikes and helping you do something about it - those things that a machine can do, but humans can still do better. 

It's all the benefits of Onedox, with a little extra help on top. 🍒

You will still maintain total control over your accounts while Amelia helps you figure out what you need to do to get things done, precisely when it's most beneficial to you.  
All of our communication with you will be via live chat, so don't worry about emails getting lost in your inbox. You'll get a handy push notification when there's a message waiting for you, and you can always open the chat window to ask us about anything you need help with 👍 

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