Two things make switching energy providers particularly difficult and time-consuming:

  1. Knowing when to check: the best deals often come with time-limited fixed rates and early cancellation fees. Knowing when to check is yet another thing to remember.
  2. Getting a personalised quote: finding the best deal for you means calculating the cost for your particular household and its consumption. Digging out this information can be time-consuming and jargon-packed.

This is where Onedox comes in. 

Simply link your existing gas and electricity supplier(s) to Onedox and we will do the hard work for you:

  • Your key supplier and energy information will be collected together into your Onedox account.
  • Onedox will automatically check and notify you whenever a better deal is available on the market.
  • When it comes to switching, it’s super-easy because Onedox already has the key information to hand and so can simplify the process for you.

Why should I consider switching?

Households switching with Onedox save an average of £330* per year on their annual energy bills. Quite simply, UK consumers tend to massively overpay.

If you haven’t switched provider or tariff in the last twelve months, you’ll probably be paying hundreds of pounds more than you need to

Why does Onedox only recommend four deals?

We want to help you save money and we think that one barrier to doing so is providing masses of information, which can make it harder rather than easier to decide what to do. 

So, whilst we have access to all of the best deals on the market, through our Ofgem-accredited energy partner Energylinx, we select four of the best value deals available to help keep it simple for you to save. We'll show you:

👉  1. The absolute cheapest deal on the market. Including those which we can't help you switch to online (so we don't make any commission from these). 

👉  2. and 3. The two cheapest deals that we can help you switch to (we'll make commission on this but we make it super easy to do online). 

👉  4. The cheapest deal from your current supplier (we don't usually make a commission on this switch).

If you're not interested in those top deals, click on 'compare all deals' to see a whole of market comparison and you'll still be able to easily switch through Onedox. 

Will it cost anything to switch?

We will never recommend changing tariff or supplier if you won’t save at least £50 – and that includes taking any exit fees into account. 

Where you switch to a new supplier, you will still be liable to pay any outstanding balance, if you have one, with your existing supplier. Equally, if you are in credit with your existing supplier at the time of your switch, they will refund you.

How does Onedox make its money?

We are paid a fee by energy suppliers if you switch to a provider that we recommend to you. We will only ever refer a service to you if it will be beneficial to you. 

This enables us to provide the Onedox service free of charge. 

*Customers that switched their dual fuel gas & electricity tariff using Onedox in March 2018 saved an average of £330.24 each.

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