tldr; The 'Delete my account' button is a permanent action that can be found in the 'Profile' tab of your Onedox Settings. 

Deleting your Onedox account: 

Step 1: Go to your Profile page by clicking on the hamburger menu (in the app) or on your name (in your browser when on
Step 2: Click on 'Profile'
Step 3: Click on the big red button to delete your Onedox account

Goodbye! 👋

We understand that all good things must come to an end but we'll still be sorry to see you go! 😭

Deleting your Onedox account is a permanent action whereby we remove all data we have associated with your account from our systems. 

This method complies with your 'right to be forgotten' as per Article 17 of the latest GDPR guidelines (General Data Protection Regulations). 

Remember, we'll be here if you ever regret your decision, we'd love to have you back! #WeStillLoveYou 💞

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