Onedox Google Assistant is a super new product for us. Please be gentle with us while we perfect the signup process and do let us know if your experience is any different to the below so we can learn and adjust! 😃 

Start on the computer: 

We've found that linking the Google Assistant to Onedox starting with a laptop works better than on the phone: 

  • On your computer, make sure you're logged into the Google account you want to use with Google Assistant (it doesn't have to be the same one as you use with Onedox). 
  • Go to the directory listing for Onedox in Google Assistant.
  • Click on Link
  • This should open your Onedox account where you'll need to click Allow:

Your Onedox account should now be linked to your Google Assistant! 🚀 

You can check your connection by opening the Integrations setting on your Onedox account and Linked apps should include Google Assistant: 

To start using Onedox Google Assistant on your phone:

  • Open Google Assistant on your phone and start by asking 'Hey Google, what was my last mobile bill?' ... Google should suggest you use Onedox! Say yes! 

Alternatively you can do the following to get started:

  • Search for Onedox via the Explore button (looks like a compass icon);
  • Or follow this link from your mobile phone;

And tap on 'Try it' or ask one of the suggested questions:

Let us know how it goes for you! 🤪

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