What is the Beta Team?

The beta team are a key part of how we build and develop Onedox.

We ask the team for feedback on features and ideas, and give them early access to new capabilities in the Onedox app ahead of rollout to all Onedox customers.

Why should I join?

The are two main reasons that people join the team:

  • to help us make Onedox the best it can be 🤗
  • to get access to the latest capabilities as early as possible 🤓

Whatever the reason it would be great to have you on board!

How do I join the Beta Team?


  1. You will need a regular Onedox account to start off with.
  2. Either message us in app or by replying to any email with "Yes Beta".
  3. Our team will then confirm your signup and help you get started!

How do I access pre-release versions of Onedox for iOS, Android and Google Assistant?

We've built the technology behind Onedox so that we can push new features and fixes out to our customers as rapidly as possible.

In particular, we have things setup so that most of the time we don't need to go through the usual Apple and Google app store review processes which can take a few hours or days.

However, from time to time we do need to make changes that necessitate an app store update.

To support this members of the Beta Team are able to join specific testing plans for Android, iOS and Google Assistant. Instructions on how to join each are below.

Onedox Android app instructions

Please message us in app to tell us the email address that you have registered with Google Play. This doesn't have to be the same as the one you use with Onedox.

We will then add your email address to the list in Google Play that controls the app distribution.

The pre-release versions will then appear as updates to Onedox within the regular Play app.

Onedox iOS app instructions

To get registered for pre-release versions of the app please message us in app and we'll get you setup.

Once setup you can download pre-release versions via the TestFlight service.

In case you aren't familiar, TestFlight works in parallel to the App Store and you can choose to remove and re-install the non-beta version of the Onedox app at any time.

Onedox for Google Assistant instructions

You can speak to Google Assistant about your Onedox account and bills! Read more on how to get set started...

How do I opt-out of the Beta Team?

You can opt-out by going to your Onedox Preferences and unchecking the Beta Team box.

Please note that if you are whitelisted for the Android, iOS or Google Assistant early access then you will need to message us (in app or to info@onedox.com) to have you removed.

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