New and existing Onedox customers can securely connect their Starling Bank app to Onedox to make it even easier to take control of household finances.

There are a range of features available with more to come in future. You can find Onedox in the Starling Marketplace under the Bill Management section.

To take advantage of all capabilities, make sure you have updated to the latest version of each app in your app store 👍 

See your Onedox household dashboard within Starling

Once you've authorised Starling to access your Onedox data, you can see the following information from your Onedox account right inside the Starling app:

  • Details on your last bill received - showing the amount and who it's from. 🧐
  • Available savings - helping you identify when you could be saving money by switching tariff or service provider.
  • Your to-do list - letting you know when there are items to take care of in your Onedox account.
  • Your health score - so you can keep it at 100% by smashing those to-dos. 💪

Secure your Onedox account using "Login with Starling"

For new Onedox customers you can choose to create your Onedox account using Starling as an identity provider instead of Google, Facebook or email/password:

Soon using Login with Starling will also make it even easier to get started with Onedox as we can identify your existing providers from your Direct Debit mandates.

Up Next: Even more convenience

We have the following features coming soon:

  • See related Starling bank transactions in Onedox alongside associated PDF bills and your provider account information. 
  • Identify who your service providers are from Direct Debit mandates and recent transactions to make it even easier to take control in Onedox.
  • Existing Onedox customers will be able to link their Starling bank app to Onedox to take advantage of these features too.

The Future: The sky's the limit!

Future iterations of the connection could have even more exciting capabilities! How about being able to...

  • Identify when your contracts are likely to end by what Direct Debits you have setup in your Starling Bank account and recent transactions.
  • See your actual bills as PDFs inside your Starling Bank app alongside the transactions that paid them. 🚀
  • Easily compare and switch providers and services from right inside your bank account: to a new gas and electricity provider, mortgage provider or a faster broadband deal.
  • Allocate your Onedox savings into a dedicated savings pot to see how much you've saved on your household accounts from previous years. 💯🏖
  • Get a new account setup in Onedox for each Direct Debit provider, enabling you to keep track of contracts, payments and subscriptions before even connecting your provider's online account for automatic data collection.
  • ...and so much more...see our Open Banking + Open Utilities demo for a peek into what could be possible.

What else would you like to see?! 

Open a live chat with us anytime and tell us what you think! 😃 

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