If you're out of contract with your provider, and that new customer deal you started with has now ended, it's likely you're paying more than you need to. 

TL;DR Call your provider and ask for a better deal. It's as simple as that. 

If your contract or promotional deal ends, and you can see that you could be paying less for the same service elsewhere, it's worth first calling up your current provider to see if they can beat those deals and get you back on a price you're happy with. 

First do an audit of your current tariff and think about what's important to you: 

Are you watching all the extra movie or sports channels you pay for? Is your broadband speed sufficient for you? Note these down so you know what you're looking for when you're on the call. 

Next see what other deals are available: 

Pop into your Broadband, Landline & TV account in Onedox and click on 'Compare': 

Make note of the deals that are similar to or cheaper than what you're already paying - this is the price that you should be aiming for. Sometimes it's a new customer deal on offer by your current provider - if they can offer that to new customers, then why not to a loyal customer like you?!

Alternatively, you can our call centre and speak to an expert to find broadband, landline or TV deals that match your needs. Dial 0330 058 9331 and someone will be happy to help! There's no obligation to switch and sometimes it's just helpful to chat through your options with someone who knows what they're talking about.

Give your provider a call:

Armed with this arsenal of information, and with all your media bills and charges in front of you in your Onedox account, give your provider a call and use the words "What's the best deal you can offer me?" It's a good start to see what they say in response! 

You're under no obligation to switch yet

Don't feel pressure to take them up on a deal right then and there on the phone. It's always ok to walk away and think about what they've offered. They should give you the option to call back with your decision. 

If you're just not getting what you want, and if there are better new-customer deals out there, then switching to a new provider that will value your business is a great option. 

Switch online or on the phone

It's simple to switch online via your Onedox media account, or if you prefer to chat through your options with an independent third party, you can always dial our call centre at 0330 058 9331 👍 Our experts can help you out with any questions you might have about switching.

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