Two things make switching providers particularly difficult and time-consuming:

1. Knowing when to switch:

The best deals often come with time-limited fixed rates and early cancellation fees. How do you remember when to check for new deals?

2. Getting a personalised quote: 

Finding the best deal means filling in a few pages of forms so the price comparison sites can calculate the cost for your particular household and its consumption. Digging out and filling in this information can be time-consuming and jargon-packed. 

This is where Onedox comes in. 

👉 Connect your providers' online accounts

Your account information and bills will be displayed in a clear, concise way all together within your Onedox account. 

👉 Onedox checks the whole energy market for better deals

Onedox automatically checks the whole of the domestic energy market and notifies you whenever a better deal than your current one is available. Our search is done using our Ofgem-accredited and 100% impartial partner Energylinx

👉 Get reminders when contracts are expiring or renewing

For services like energy, mobile, media or insurance policies, Onedox will notify you when you're approaching the end of your contract to give you time to consider your next move before your prices go up. 

👉 Switching is simple, secure and pain-free - the work is already done for you

When it comes to switching, Onedox already has the key information on file, and massively simplifies the process by filling in the forms for you. This means there's a few more fields to fill in with data that Onedox doesn't have but your new provider needs, and that's it! 

Congrats! You're all set to get started with your new provider. 😃 

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