Did you know you can purchase your energy supply (gas or electricity) from many different providers? 

You can choose if you would like it to be from a renewable source (like wind, sun, water), or a fixed price for a year, or from a company that has a great customer service rating, to give a few examples. 

Switching means picking the type of energy supply you want to use and getting the best price possible by changing who you purchase it from, as often as you like.

How often should I be switching? 

Every household should switch to a new energy tariff or provider at least once a year in order to avoid raised prices at the end of a contract term.

But knowing when is the ideal time to switch, and how to find a better energy deal that suits you, is a big hassle. 

This is where Onedox comes in. 

We find new energy tariffs that are cheaper than the one you're on, and help you quickly and easily switch. 

Switching is a simple process that is arranged directly between Onedox, our price comparison partner Energylinx, and your old and new providers.  

Once you start a switch, you have a 14-day 'cooling off' period where you get to change your mind if you like. The switch is completed a few days later.

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