1-Click Switching is where we find you cheaper energy tariffs that match your needs and preferences. We'll tell you when we find a new tariff and all you have to do is click one button to switch to it. 

What if I have exit fees to leave my current tariff?  

So what happens when you're already in a contract with an energy provider and have to pay exit fees to leave early? 

Don't worry - we will only ever suggest new energy tariffs if they can save you the minimum amount you want to save, and we'll take any exit fees into account. 

At that point, you can decide if you want to pay the exit fees now, in order to save more money next year, or if you want to stay. 

Are you going to switch me to a deal with exit fees? 

We'll let you know all the details of any new deal, such as how long the contract term is and if there are any exit fees, so you can make the decision to switch to it or not. 

There's absolutely no obligation to switch to a new deal that doesn't suit your needs. 


How does 1-Click Switching compare to other services?
How do I cancel a switch? 

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