Once you've clicked that button to switch to a new energy tariff, all the necessary parties are notified about the switch, and there's not much more you need to do at all.

If supported, a new account for that provider will be set up in your Onedox account, awaiting your new credentials. 

You'll receive an email confirming that the switch is being processed, any timelines you should be aware of, and any relevant contact details if you have questions. 

You should also receive a welcome pack from your new supplier and you'll also find out when your supply transfer date will be. 

What happens on the switch day? 

On this day, you need to take a meter reading and send it to your new supplier. They'll pass it to your old supplier so they can issue you with a final bill or refund if you're in credit with them. 

There shouldn't be any need for you to contact your old supplier. 

Your new supplier will let you know once the switch is complete, confirming your direct debit details and prompting you to sign up for your online account, where relevant. 

You'll receive your first bill from them within 3 months which you should see in your Onedox account. 

What else? 

There won't be any interruption to your supply. 🚫
No one will need to visit your property. 🚧
There's no need to change any meters, wires or pipes. 👍 


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