If you have a Onedox account already and you decide not to continue using Onedox as a paid-for service, then you still have the option to extract the data from your account. 

By not paying for Onedox (or by not referring friends to get Onedox for free) by October 1st, your accounts will stop updating and you will not receive automated alerts or reminders from Onedox.

We want to minimise any inconvenience for you and make sure that you still have the chance to get any existing data you might need from your Onedox account. You will be able to export and download your Onedox data for a period of time so you can store it all elsewhere for future reference. 

How to export your data today:

Today you can download all of your past and future documents in Onedox to your Google Drive or Dropbox account by heading to Settings in the Onedox webapp under the Integrations tab.  

In the same section, you can also export your own data in JSON format (machine readable) to help you manipulate and use the data as you see fit. 

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