We’ll walk you through the process as soon as you’ve signed up – it only takes a few minutes. You’ll just need the credentials (user name and password) for each provider you want to add to your Onedox account. If you’re not sure what those details are, don’t worry, we’ll help you to get a reminder of them.

Step by step instructions to add a new account to Onedox:

You can add a new account from the Dashboard or Accounts tabs by clicking on a plus (+) sign or 'Add more accounts' button:

Choose the type of service:

Find your service providers:

Choose from the list of supported providers within each section. For example, in Energy:

If you don't see your provider listed, click on 'Can't see your provider listed' and let us know so we can add it to the list for future updates:

Enter your credentials to link your account:

For each account, enter the credentials you use to login to that provider's online account directly. 

Sit tight while the system connects securely to your online account:

Onedox uses bank grade security to automatically access your accounts in a secure read-only mode. 

See your account details and bills automatically appear in Onedox!

This can happen in a few minutes to at most a few hours - we'll let you know as soon as each one is ready. 

If you're having any trouble connecting accounts, open a chat window with us and we'll try to help! 💬

Enjoy taking control of your household bills and seeing everything in one place 🕺🏻

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