It's super easy! We do all the work for you. We'll even fill in the online forms so all it requires is a few button clicks. Then you can sit back while our Ofgem-accredited partner Energylinx contacts your existing energy provider to cancel your account and sets up a new account with your new energy provider:

Here are the steps in the process:

When you see a To-Do item saying you can save money by switching energy deals, click on it! 

You'll be shown four cheaper tariffs than your existing one, which includes the best available tariff from your existing supplier, so you don't even have to switch provider if you don't want to! 

Click on the 'Tell me more' button to see more information on that tariff:

You'll then be presented with more relevant information about that specific tariff; its rates, contract end date, any relevant exit fees, etc.:

For even more information about the specific tariff, click on the button for 'Detailed information on this tariff and comparison to your existing tariffs'. Here you can see Unit rates and the specific standing charges for the new tariff in direct comparison with your existing one: 

If you're happy with how everything looks, click the green button to start saving! 💸 

Once you've filled in all the necessary information, click the green button to move along to the next step where you'll be asked to fill out your payment details: 💰  

✅  On the next page, you'll be able to confirm your personal details, your meter information, any new payment details and press the final button to confirm the switch. 

Congratulations! You've started the process of switching to a better energy deal! 🌟  🎉  

Next up: 

You will receive an email from Energylinx confirming the switch details, the switch date and any further action you need to take. You'll also be contacted by your existing/old supplier (to say bye 👋 !) and by your new supplier to confirm any information with you.


Switching energy providers takes a total of 17 days which includes a required 14 day ‘cooling off’ period in which you can change your mind (if you do, email and 3 days to conduct the switch.

Once you know the planned day of the switch, make sure to take meter readings on that day and send them to both your old provider and your new provider so your billing from both is based on actual readings and not estimates (which tend to be 10% higher than actual).

👉  Have any more questions? See more questions and answers on switching energy deals for more information or open a chat window with Onedox to ask anything! 👧 

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